Campus life

Sports and clubs

The SAAD (Students and Alumni Affairs Department) seeks to contribute to academic performance and personal success by promoting welfare and wellness through talent enhancement and management. This unit has a variety of sporting and non-sporting clubs which seek to contribute to the development of each student in relation to the Botho Graduate Profile. The clubs include but are not limited to Sporting Clubs (Chess, soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, athletics etc) and Non – Sporting Clubs (Computer, drama, Christian movement, debate, choir, bridge etc.). If a student is willing to start a new club they can approach SAAD personnel.

Academic Advising

Academic advising plays an important role in enhancing students’ educational experience at the Institution by encouraging students to think critically about their programme of study, their participation in extra-curricular activities and their efforts towards achieving the Botho Graduate Profile. The success of the Botho Academic Advising Programme is built upon a strong and consistent working relationship between a student and his advisor, and the critical understanding by the student that they are personally responsible for maximising their learning experiences at the Institution. The student holds the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about their academic choices within the framework of the Institution’s regulations; the academic advisor’s role is to advise and guide the student but cannot make a decision on behalf of the student. It must be noted that the academic advisor is not a professional counsellor and is thus not qualified to support the student with personal counselling matters – the Institution may have in-house counsellors and agreements with external counselling support bodies to assist students with such matters.


Apart from Academic advising, the Student and Alumni Affairs department also assist students with the following;

  • Psychosocial support
  • Career counselling
  • Poor attendance counselling

Community Engagement

Botho Namibia is committed to the improvement of people’s lives in various communities through skills development, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. Student and Alumni Affairs Department encourages students to interact with communities in planning and implementing programmes and/or activities aimed at addressing the current demands and situations they are facing, emphasising instilling the values of volunteerism, Botho, the spirit of giving and compassion. Personal development & leadership initiatives Student and Alumni Affairs Department is mandated to teach students life skills. These skills will enable students to cope with tertiary life and life beyond the institution, by may managing and administering the following: Development Workshops, First-Year Experience (FYE), Mentorship, Motivation Sessions and Leadership Training. Grievance handling Student and Alumni Affairs Department provides students with a platform to lodge complaints if they feel that they have been unfairly treated

Campus Life