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Our Vision

Vision Statement

Botho University Namibia aspires to be an integral player in building an economically diversified, fast growing, and prosperous Namibia built on integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and financial viability.

Mission Statement

Botho will produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally-employable graduates with the attitude, knowledge, skills and competencies to create value and drive productivity increases needed to catalyse sustainable economic growth. The Institution is committed to long-term stakeholder satisfaction through continuous quality improvement, financial viability, and a culture of integrity, excellence and inclusiveness in all its activities including its leadership, teaching, research, consulting, and community services.

Operating principles

Botho operates based on four major principles that form the basis of the institution’s business model:

  • Integrity: Botho will uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and will be fully compliant with legal requirements in its operational jurisdictions. The institution has a zero-tolerance policy for any corrupt practices intended to gain any illicit advantage in its operations. 

  • Excellence: Botho aims to perform any activity that it embarks on to the best of its ability and expects the same of its staff and students. Excellence is not about achieving unsustainable perfection, but rather about having a focus on effectiveness and efficiency. The principle of excellence drives the institution’s desire for continuous improvement of all processes, products and services through robust quality management systems and innovation. 

  • Inclusiveness: The growth of the Botho should bring value to its shareholders who have taken the risk and invested in the organisation, its staff who have committed their time and energy to growing the organisation, its students who have placed their trust on the institution for their development, its alumni who are forever associated with the institution, industry which depends on the institution for its knowledge and human capital input, and the greater community who are linked to the institution through direct or indirect interactions or by virtue of proximity. The growth of the institution and its stakeholders must happen without degrading the environment which is fundamental to the survival of all stakeholders and the institution itself.

  • Financial viability: Botho , through its assets and operations will generate adequate income to cover expenses, make any liability payments and fund future developments. Financial viability is essential for the institution to be able to operate for the long-term and achieve its objectives.