Student Representative Council (SRC)

The student union which is a representative body of all students at a particular campus of Botho University is termed the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is tasked with managing and advocating for the rights of the student community in a fair, positive and peaceful manner at all times. The SRC is an elected body governed by the SRC Constitution and elections are held annually. The SRC is managed by the Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) at Botho University.

SRC at Botho University organizes all student activities with the support of the Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD). The SRC also works closely with SAAD to come up with the students’ activity calendar (SRC events calendar) for each year as well as to implement programmes tabled in the calendar. Some of these activities include the Freshers Ball, the Welcome Bash, Mr. and Miss Botho University, club events, community development activities, internal sports events, Botswana Independence Day celebrations, sponsored walks, community engagement activities and more. SRC is also involved in the Staff-Students Consultative Committee (SSCC), an important governance structure at Botho University that is responsible for building a positive working relationship between staff members and students.